Graphic Design
An image of one of three 3D models of a Hofner bass guitar, from different views: back, front, and three quarters. The models float in front of a black background.
100 Days of Stickers

I challenged myself to design a sticker every day, using Illustrator and Photoshop, for one hundred days in a row.

graphic design
3D Modeling Projects

Three 3D modeling projects based around classic rock music. In the first one, I recreated the band's room from the Beatles movie Help!. In the second one, I modeled Paul McCartney's Hofner bass. In the third, I used Zbrush to model a figurine of Jimi Hendrix.

3d modeling
A graphic of pink, yellow, blue, and white arrows pointing in random directions over a black background. In the middle is the text "IMA Wayfinding Design Plan" written in the same colors as the arrows. Under the title is a text line that says "by Blanca García".An image of a boarding pass over a blue and green gradient background.
IMA Wayfinding Design Plan

A design proposal for the implementation of a signage system for the Interactive Media Arts space at 370 Jay St, Brooklyn.

graphic design • wayfinding
Boarding Pass Redesign

A case study of Delta's boarding pass, and my proposal for a redesign that increases readability and simplicity.

graphic design

How is the global plastic increase polluting our oceans? This interactive infographic presents concise data about the rise of plastic in recent decades and how plastic damages the environment.

information design • web design