About Me


My name is Blanca García. I'm originally from Madrid, Spain, but I am currently based in New York City, where I am pursuing a BFA in Interactive Media Arts at New York University. I am passionate about the intersection of technology and art, and how they can both be combined for efficient problem-solving.

My creative process is grounded in clean, minimalist design, often complemented by vibrant colors. Attention to detail is crucial in my approach, and I strive to provide the highest quality designs for my users.

I am also deeply inspired by the global movement to combat climate change. I believe design has the power to make a positive impact, and I aim to contribute to this effort through my work.

When I’m not designing something, you’ll find me:

  • Listening to music (probably The Beatles)
  • Rewatching Empire Strikes Back for the billionth time
  • Reading classic novels or interesting non-fiction
  • Daydreaming about moving to a tropical island 🌴
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