UI/UX Design

How might we help students combat social media addiction and mindless scrolling? We propose an auxiliary app that blocks distractions and keeps users productive, without feeling restrictive.

UI/ux design
A graphic of a hand holding a mobile phone showing the prototype on the screen. The hand is partially obscuring the next "intently" in pink, and underneath is a text box that says "by Blanca, Heloise, Sahithi, and Aaron". All of that is on top of a dark blue background.

How can we ensure that takeout containers are eco-friendly and easy to use, specifically in university campuses? This project is my proposal for a potential solution.

UI/UX Design
An image of two phones floating over a flat green and blue gradient background.

How is the global plastic increase polluting our oceans? This interactive infographic presents concise data about the rise of plastic in recent decades and how plastic damages the environment.

information design • web design