IMA Wayfinding Design Plan

Spring 2022
Graphic Design, Wayfinding


This project is a proposal for a wayfinding system for the IMA facilities at 370 Jay Street, Brooklyn. The goal was to design a system that would facilitate moving around the space, while also maintaining the vibrant, creative, and modern feel of IMA.

This project started as a group assignment for a Design Fundamentals class, but after completing the assignments I took the project further on my own. Finally, I exhibited my expanded version of the project at the 2022 ITP/IMA Spring Show.

Time spent

1 week for original project; 2 extra weeks for final solo extension.

The Team

Kennon Cummings, Matthew Varona, Errico Sun, and me.

My role

System Creation, Guideline Design and Implementation, Mockup Creation, Guideline Book Design
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The Challenge

This project began from a group assignment for a Graphic Design class. We were instructed to create a wayfinding system for our IMA facilities (“the Floor”) at 370 Jay Street, Brooklyn, as the space doesn’t currently have a consistent one. For the assignment, we had to design how the space would be sectioned for easy guidance, create a style guide with colors and typography, and then create mockups to show what it would look like when implemented.

Original Team Design

The project started as a team project, with Kennon, Matthew, Errico, and me. We started by creating some guidelines for the system. For headings, I chose the font Cy, which has several sets of characters that are alternated randomly; this added personality and variety to the design. The body font was Hero New (now renamed New Hero), an easily readable and modern sans-serif. The colors were based on the CMYK color model, as they represented a concept that was both artistic and technological, like ITP and IMA.

We divided the Floor into different sections and each was assigned a specific color and icon. Our icon system was based on basic geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle, and star. We chose this system because of their simplicity, much like we did the color palette; they represent the building blocks from which all kinds of creativity can ensue. From there, we designed some mockups of the space with the new guidelines. I took some photos of the Floor and used Photoshop to show what the final system might look like. I designed wall signage, floor paths, and door signs to make moving around the space an easier experience. We also redesigned the IMA signs directly outside the entrance to the space. In real life, these signs look very different (three different shades of purple...), so we redesigned them to make them more consistent and updated.

My Extension

After we had finished and presented the project in class, I became inspired to develop it further into a more comprehensive system, and show more ways it could be applied at the IMA Floor. As the 2022 ITP/IMA Spring Show was coming up, I decided to create my own expansion of the project, culminating in a "branding book" with the entire system guidelines, to be exhibited at the show.

In my expansion of the project, I added many more mockups of the space and made my own version of the mockups that my classmates had done. The goal was to ensure the system was applied consistently throughout. The guidelines and mockups I had created were lastly compiled into a short "branding book", also designed by me using InDesign. I printed a physical version of the book, for visitors at the show to peruse through, but I also had a digital PDF version to view on the go (or here!).